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4 Ways to Stay Cool and Safe in the Summer Heat

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Each summer seems to be hotter than the one before. Especially in South Georgia with the humidity. Sometimes it almost takes your breath away just to walk outside. Hopefully these four tips will help keep you safe and cool.

1. #LookAgain is the campaign Governor Deal implemented while in office. It is to remind us all to #LookAgain when we are getting out of our car to make sure we have not left behind a child or pet. Children and pets should NOT be left for any amount of time in a hot car. If you are in a hurry or scared you may forget, we recommend you create a reminder. Also, make sure when you are in public to check cars for children or animals.


2. The heat affects everyone, but certain individuals are at greater risk. Adults over 65 are at greater risk because of health issues, living alone, and possibly not having an adequate air condition unit in their home. Other people to pay special attention to are children younger than 2 and people with a chronic disease. Make sure you ask yourself the following questions: Are they drinking enough water? Do they have access to air conditioning? Do they need help staying cool?


3. So for some staying cool is easier. Some have pools and some are blessed enough with inside jobs. But for those who do have to be outside make sure you wear lose light fitting clothing. Heavy jeans or clothes made with a thick material are not a good idea to wear if you think you may be outside for long. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Medical Daily suggests you drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and to make sure you limit soda or any sugary type beverage.


4. If you are lucky enough to be in a cool home during this heat, then you already know your air conditioner is running overtime. Always check with your electric company for any tips that offer to maintain your system when it is running over time. You can call or visit their websites to find this information. Georiga Power suggest making sure your air vents are clear and free of any clutter.

If you are looking for more tips for the summer heat please email us at or call 229-585-1986.

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